Warrior Spirit Circle


Every other Friday of each month.

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join us at our bi-weekly Men's Gathering of Warriors where men can let off steam, connect with new and old friends, have fun, and find strength and support amongst each other.


 $20 per person

Cash, Credit Card, Debit accepted at the door.

Warrior Spirit Circle
Men's Gathering of Warriors: Men Supporting Men
Join us every other Friday, for our "Men's Gathering of Warriors”.
Upcoming Dates:
January 31st
February 14th, 28th
March 13th, 27th, 
April 10th, 24th
What is it? The men's gathering of warriors is a 2hr event for men to come together, set down their “social masks” and support one another by genuinely communicating with each other while also having some fun throwing axes and knives.
We maintain a positive atmosphere and provide a safe place for you to get out of your usual, every day environment.
Each event is unique based on the consciousness of the group and the number of people who show up.
For the first hour of the event we have some fun throwing axes and knives,
For the second hour we offer the opportunity for a more in depth look at what is occurring for us to learn from in our lives at this time, this is where we learn to lean on each other.
Whether you are going through changes in relationships, career, family, life in general or simply want a place to socialize with some great people this is for you.
We offer these events because we believe that as men, we generally seem to think we need to “man up” and shove our thoughts/emotions back down. From our experiences however, we believe that it is very important to express how we feel in a safe and supportive environment, rather than hide from them and allowing our unprocessed thoughts & emotions to affect us in adverse ways later on in life.
Who is it for?
Fathers, friends, sons and brothers…including veterans, active military members and first responders, or simply any man looking for a place to...
- get out and meet like-minded, genuinely supportive people
- look out for one another as a pack
- open up, set their guard down and talk about whatever is going on in their lives
- take a break from their everyday life, work and family
- reset and recharge
- get involved in something beyond their current situations
- unlock the man cave of their mind in a safe and understanding environment
Where does it take place?
9 capella court, ottawa, ont
Every other Friday, from 7pm-9pm
$20 Per Person
For your safety, indoor closed toed shoes are paramount for throwing.
Beth Sturdevant

Chris Banken

Shamanic Spiritual Healer / Aeuronautical Engineer / Father

Chris is an Aeronautical Engineer who is also a highly skilled and experienced Shaman & Spiritual Healer in the community and in Toronto.

Father of 1, Chris recently moved to Ottawa from Toronto, and has served in the military as a Reservist with the Lorne Scots Regiment.

Chris is honoured to be leading tonight's GATHERING of WARRIORS for men, alongside Axe/Knife throwing champion instructor William (Ice) Bloom.

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

Street : 9 Capella Court, Nepean

Email : warriors@warriorsofthelight.ca

Phone : +613.842.0272 

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