What is it:

Warriors of the Light’s Trauma Sensitive Support Program (TSSP) was created for people in the community who are suffering from the various effects of trauma.  Our goal is to offer complimentary support in finding relief and healing from traumatic experiences, in a supportive and compassionate environment. By guiding each individual to access their inherent warrior strengths within, we help them push through any inner conflicts that may be weighing heavily on their soul.

Who we are:

Warriors of the Light is a health and wellness academy that helps strengthen the warrior spirit in each person.  Our Trauma Sensitive Support Program is made up of experienced wellness practitioners and healing arts facilitators who are dedicated to empowering people and helping them find relief from the various effects of trauma. 

Our Vision:

To integrate our holistic services within our local community to advance the health and well-being of individuals and their families who may be struggling from the effects of traumatic events. From our experience when one member of a family or community is affected by a traumatic event, everyone around them begins to experience it as well throughout their

interactions with each other. 

We believe that for it to truly heal at the soul level, a community must support, strengthen and grow together as one.

Our Mission:

To offer holistic healing programs for people looking to resolve inner conflicts related to traumatic experiences they may have encountered throughout their life. 

Who is TSSP for:  

Anyone who may be living with the effects of trauma, or who has suffered some form of traumatic experience(s) in their life.  First responders, service members, veterans, Doctors, victims of mental-emotional or physical abuse, even people who are suffering from the effects of trauma due to the loss of a loved one.  “Trauma” comes in all forms and sizes, and is not limited to one person’s experience of it. We help people learn to live on the other side of “what happened” by healing their warrior spirit and moving past the walls that may be holding them back inside their own lives.

What is included in the TSSP Program: 

Our Trauma Sensitive Support Program (for women) includes 10 weeks of Warrior Spirit and Warrior Body classes, plus one-on-one Shamanic Energy/ Reiki Healing, and Art Therapy sessions. Options of taking part in only one support class per week, or individual one-on-one support sessions, also available.  Contact us to find out more.

What do you have to support men?

Helping men process and heal from trauma is very important to us.  Currently we have bi-weekly Men's support groups (Men's Gathering of Warriors), every other Friday, for men in the community to come together, set down their “social masks” and support one another by genuinely communicating and connecting with each other.  



"How do we help people who are living with trauma?"

 Listen to Executive Director/Facilitator Beth Sturdevant and TSSP participant Lieutenant Commander Deanna Wilson of the Royal Canadian Navy, as they talk about the Trauma Sensitive Support Program and the impact it has on healing various forms of trauma.

Contact Us to find out how TSSP can help you or someone you love, today.

*Our complimentary trauma program is aimed at keeping our clients informed at every step along their journey as we integrate our alternative healing services within our local community to advance the health and well-being of individuals and their families who may be struggling from the effects of traumatic events. Our role as the service provider is to provide our clients a supportive environment to evolve from a community perspective and as such, the TSSP program is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological services.

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

Street : 9 Capella Court, Nepean

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Phone : +613.842.0272 

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