Do your classes accommodate people with injuries or disabilities?

Who are Warriors of the Light classes for?

Absolutely anybody! We provide training to men and women (co-ed); women only; and children and youth between ages 6 and 17.

Do I have to be in really good shape to sign up?
This business is a really cool idea! Are there any other programs like this in Ottawa?
What are your swords or other weapons made of? Can people get hurt using them?
Do you train only in swords and shields?
Is this like martial arts?
Could your classes be considered self-defense training?
Are your classes therapeutic?
Some of your equipment looks heavy, do you accommodate people with injuries or disabilities?
Who can join the Warriors of the Light Academy?
What is a Warrior of the Light?
Do you promote violence? Why do you work with weapons like sword and shields?
What is the significance of the sword and shield?
Why do you offer women's only programming?

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

Street : 9 Capella Court, Nepean

Email :

Phone : +613.851-3524

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