About the Founder - Beth

Trainer. Educator. Entrepreneur. Energy healer. Artist. Mother. WARRIOR.

A few years ago, I had a vision as I was meditating: a vision of a Warrior training camp.

In that moment, I knew that I was meant to:

  • Build a community to help people connect (or reconnect) with their Warrior spirits.

  • Create a safe, supportive and accepting environment where it’s okay to feel vulnerable.

  • Help people face and heal the effects of everything stopping them from being courageous in all areas of their life.

And so, in late 2016 in Ottawa, I founded and brought to life a place where people can work on becoming their own personal Warriors.

I named it Warriors of the Light.

An Eroded Spirit

An Eroded Spirit

Before this happy chapter of my life, I was a professional musician.

​At the height of my career, I was living in New York City, playing the cello on Broadway with Harry Connick Jr., and touring worldwide with Barbra Streisand. I had talent, wonderful parents back in Ottawa, and a seemingly glamorous lifestyle in the Big Apple…but my spirit was eroded.

Starting in childhood, I had been thrown life challenge after life challenge. Assault. Anorexia. Substance abuse. And being abandoned by people I loved. As a result, I stopped honouring myself—which meant I did not care for my mind, body or spirit. And so I engaged in many toxic behaviours and relationships that further brought me down. I was lost—and constantly in search for purpose. For meaning, in who I was. Constantly looking for me.

My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey

There I was: at a point in my life where it was quite literally “do or die.” I was either going to heal myself fully, or continue repeating the same life events over and over. It was a tough epiphany to come to, but it awakened that latent warrior energy I had within my soul.

From there, I sought help through Shamanism and intense healing, discovering methods for positively facing my emotions and energetically releasing the terrible effects of events that had been controlling me for so long. I am proud to say that through all that work, I finally found peace.

I also discovered my true self. I wasn’t “Beth the cellist.” And I wasn’t “Beth the single mother.” Yes, all those things in my past were part of me—but they weren’t all of me. I was more than that. I am more than that.

I was—I am—a Warrior.


In Search of Myself

For many years, I tried to find ways to fill the “void”, the lack of true connection to myself.

I went back and forth between living in New York and other parts of the US and Canada, ended up in Greece, and lived on the road (while on tour) for an entire year. I became a personal trainer. I earned a music performance and a teaching degree. I also trained in reiki. But none of these things were my true calling. I was constantly struggling to find something deeper within me.

By my early 30s, I was a full-time single mom with two young children, living back home in Ottawa. I did not realize it at the time but was also dealing with PTSD and post-partum depression—not to mention the fallout of many years of traumatic events and experiences that had warped me beyond self-recognition.

As you can probably understand, I ultimately came to my breaking point.

So why am I sharing my personal story? Because Warriors of the Light isn’t just “some business” I decided to create for the heck of it. This is my soul’s passion and purpose. It’s the culmination of a long healing journey; one that helped me discover a great deal of compassion for myself, as well as for others who need healing (whether it’s mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, or all of the above).     One thing I know for sure is that inner strength and courage are like muscles. They can sometimes seem weak and completely unnoticeable at first. But over time, with practice and patience, they start to grow…and grow…and grow…until they are bigger and more resilient than you could have ever imagined.     That’s where Warriors of the Light comes in. It’s all about helping you embrace and enhance that muscle—and finding the “light” within. Confucius once said “He who conquers Himself is the mightiest warrior.” I wholeheartedly agree.     In that sense, we are all Warriors.

Warriors of the Light  offers programming designed to connect men, women and children with their inner-warrior spirit, establishing true authentic power, confidence and purpose from the inside-out. 

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